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PL/NL Texas Hold'em >> Small Stakes

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Reged: 12/06/05
Posts: 15
aba20 in the well - summary
      #7372140 - 09/21/06 08:50 AM

How much do you play each day (hours & hands) and do you typically multitable the bigger games?

It really depends because I go in spurts of very intense play, but probably around 2K hands over 6 hours a day. Often there aren't alot of bigger games running, so I fill downtimes by playing 25/50. I also can't do more than 6 tables and even then my play really deteriorates. I am best with 3 or 4 tables that I am really concentrating on.

At small stakes, do you think it is better to play at a 6 max table with 4 regulars deepstacked or 4 fishes who don´t have even 50 BBs?

I have a feeling that at small stakes you can find fish with deepstacks.

How the heck did you go from SSNL just a year ago to playing what you are now? Can you give us the key factors in your success? Playing? Studying? Sweating? Reading?

What's the biggest adjustment going from LHE to NLHE?

Well A year ago I was mainly playing limit. I didn't really dedicate myself to NL until last december. I have spent alot of time playing poker in the past year. I completely immersed myself in poker. I have read every poker book, spent countless hours browsing and reading forums, spent even more hours analysising my play and my opponents plays. And then beyond this I have played endless hours. I really enjoy playing and I think if you don't you will never reach your fullest potential. You really have to love to play the game.

I think diferent people excel at limit vs no limit holdem. I personally found NL much easier and more exciting because I could really think about every big decsions and in the end making good decisions in big pots is crucial in NL holdem, while in limit it is more of small jabs. I would experiment with both and see which fits your personalitly better.

Longest breakeven stretch?

Biggest downswing?

PTBB when you played at 50NL, 100NL?

Your at 6 max table, your in the SB w/ AKo, UTG is TAG raises it, weak tight CO calls, the LAG button calls, what do you do?

I don't know my longest breakeven strench, but I would guess around 20K hands.

Biggest downswing was 9.5 BI just recently.

I dont' remeber but it wasn't that great, I would guess around 4 or 5.

80% reraise 20% call

You've moved up really fast, and I assume your game had to evolve quickly as well. On your journey, what "ssnl conventional wisdom" did you have to shake at what point? And what conventional wisdom from SSNL do you think you still need?

Could you elaborate on your hand-reading style. In the last well, El D said he likes to try and put people on exact hands, which I found surprising. How do you read hands and what is your thought process like during a hand?

I see tons of posts here talking about pot control or some other catchy phrase. Although some of these catchy phrases are nice they are usually misapplied to the problem at hand.

I think posting hands is key to your sucess, everone should post, think about, and discuss as many hands as they can. It really improves your game.

I tend to put people on ranges as you can never know exactly what someone has. From there it I do equity calculations based on there range vs my holdings.

Aba: What single advice improved you most as a pokerplayer?

What's your nick on Full Tilt? (so I have on to chear for, when I'm railbirding!)

I am aba20 and sbrugby everywhere I play. Your results are the direct result of your performace. Don't point any fingers when things aren't going well since there is no one to blame but yourself.

Aba, what can you tell me about shot taking- how, when, etc.


Right now your whole bankroll come to the 100/200 NL table at fulltilt, I am waiting.

Can you give us a quick summary of your poker career? How did you move up? Did you have a certain number of buy-ins for each level or just take a lot of shots? When you first moved up did you feel like you could beat the high levels, or were you outclassed at first and had to improve?

At SSNL I feel like 90% of my profit comes from targetting fish and maybe 10% comes from bad TAGs, does that balance change at high levels? eg. to beat 25/50 do you have to profitable vs. the regulars, or is it okay to just be break-even against them and make the profit from the fishes?

Did you play rugby for SB? Are you injured? (I played wing for SLO)

It also seems like at the highest level a lot of the +EV situations come when someone like Matusow or Mahatma go on mega-tilt. Do you have any tricks/rituals to keep yourself off tilt?

I summarized my career in a bbv thread "My story", I am sure someone can link it.

I think every player has weakness which can be exploited. Obvously some players are much more easily explotied than others. Finding a good fish is always nice but palying in tough games is a necesity as you move up. You need to be able to beat the regs to have good consistent sucess in the games. That said there are those who jump up when there is a big fish in the game and drop down when the game is tough. This is fine, but you will never be a top level player if you can't beat the tough opponents.

They can be profitable when tilting but they are still good players even when on tilt (Mike less than mahatma).

How many hands of $25NL-$200NL do you think you played?

Could you maybe try to point out some things that we don't do enough at these levels and also maybe do too much?

Are you ever going to play the 25/50 game on PP?

Who is the toughest regular(s) you play against and who do you find the easiest?

Can you maybe talk a bit about cbeting and frequencies at SSNL and HSNL and also playing back at cbets


Not to many probably 40Kish.

Value bet and don't slow play. These two things are very important.

I really hate party poker, once I graduated from 10/20 I have never had any desire to play there. I much prefer playing 25/50 on stars. I might play again (I played a few thousand ahnds there) once party opens the 6-max 25/50 tables but probably not until then.

There are alot of really good players that I play against and some are better in diferent situations. When the games get 3-4 handed I think ozzy87 is the best on the internet. He is very very good.

Always bet. I cannont stress the importance of aggesion in NL holdem. I play back at continuation bets a ceratian % of the time depending on table contiations. Unfortunaly there are no hard set rules and opponets perception of me has a huge impact on my decision making.

Sorry, I'll explain my question re: shot taking better. I now have more than 20 buy-ins for my level, so do I take a shot w/ whatever I have over the 20? Or wait until 30? Or 40 and move for good? I'm just curious since i've never moved up to the 200 before and want to give it a fair shot yet not destroy my br.

Aren't you friends with mrfeelnothin? I would reccomend asking his advice as he has had a lot of sucess. I always aggressively move up in limits as I play my best when it hurts to lose (Soemthing phil ivey said). Once you get complacent at the level you are at it is very easy to fall into a rut and not play your A game. If you have 20BI for the next level I woudl defenitly take a hsot. I would probably have taken a 3 BI shot once I had 15 buyins for the next level. Somtimes when moving up yo udont' makeit the fist time. I know it took me many many tries to finally get going at 10/20. I would take a shot at 400NL once I had 6K and I would hope down if I dipped below 4.5K.

Is hand reading the key skill in NL?
What is the best way to get better at it - is 1/2 tabling and focussing real hard better than double the hands but 4 tabling so concentrating 1/2 as much per hand?

Hand reading is very important but having a feel of where you are in a hand is also very important. THis allows you to value bet with impunity and avoid traps set by your tricky opponents. tHe only way to get these skills is from alot of palying. Aslo concentration is key. Right now I am not concentrating on my games and I am defentily not playing my best. I woudl reccomend always being as focused as possible when playing and only paly 3-4 tables at a time.

Aba, thanks for doing this. Do you play primarily on Full tilt?? There's much discussion on here about not laying down KK preflop to a bnig raise or an all in. Are you a player who doesnt lay down KK preflop at the stakes you play??

I play on UB, crypto, fulltilt, stars, prima, and a little party. I don't fold kings to many people for 100BB. Maybe 3 or 4 people I play against I would fold kings to preflop for 100BB.

Aba20: right now you are playing against Gus Hansen.

What do you think is his greatest strenght/weakness?

What do you have on him in your notes?

He is way way to loose, his style might work ok in tournaments against weaker opponents but he would not be sucessful at the 100/200 game.

here are my notes non him followed by ther meaning

Notes: DNB, CS, leads weak, PWHOP, NSOP, VB

DNB: Do not bluff
CS: calling station
PWHOP: Plays weak holdings out of position
NSOP: no sense of position
VB: value bet
leads weak: Leads into preflop raisers with marginal holdings

1. What would you say is the most important trait in nosebleed stakes NL players? E.g. fearlessness, not tilting, hand reading, disregard for money or other.
2. What transition in stakes was the most difficult for you (e.g. 50/100 -> 100/200)
3. Is 100/200 the highest you've ever played?
4. Can we expect to see you vs. bad_ip at 200/400 any time soon?
5. How's the PLO going? Do you think the transition from HSNL -> HSPLO is a hard one to make?

1) Honestly emotinal control and not tilting is very very important. It is so easy to tilt when playing HU and shorthanded.

2) probably 5/10 to 10/20, but the hardest of all transitions was 1/2 to 2/4 and 2/4 to 3/6. I thought those jumps were really rough.

3) no I have played 200/400 live

4) yes I am working on my HU game. It needs another 6 months tho before I am ready for that. If there was a 6max 200/400 game I would play it. I would be willing to play all the way up to 500/1000.

5) PLO is very swingy, which can be frustrating. There are so many times where the money goes in as 60/40 favorite or 55/45 favorite that it can seem like a crapshoot. But I believe that an expert plo palyer could ahve a much hgiher winrate than a expert NLH player. My earn is much higher in NLH right now but I think with another month of plo I could have a better earn that my current NLH earn.

First of all, thanks for doing this!

Can you give some examples of ways in which smart SSNL players don't really seem to understand the game?

Have you looked at any of the posts in the SSNL Master Sticky thread? Can you give your thoughts on any of them?

What are some examples of "AHA" moments you've had, either via 2+2 posts or other discussions about poker?

I see comments all the time from respected posters like "don't go broke with one pair". Usually blanket statments like these are wrong and each hand needs to be analysed individually.

No I haven't but I read all of fimbulwinters stuff and that really helped my game. I would reccomend everyone read his stuff.

One "AHA" moment was shoving with hands which have good equity against your villians calling range. Example which would you rather go AI with assuming you have a pot sized raise left on a 249 board. You can go AI with 55 or KQ. Well shoving with KQ is much better than shoving 55 because KQ has alot more equity against villian calling range (66+ and any 9).

Another thought I had alwasy watch and analys the play of yoru opponents that give you the most trouble and incoroprate that into your game. I know I used to hardly reraise preflop until I ran into some aggressive opponents who constantly repoped me preflop and made me realize how powerful aggression is preflop. I then incorportated that into my game and now I think I have some of the best preflop ranges of any poker player.

A couple more: at SSNL, we can gain a pretty big edge by just not doing obviously dumb things most of the time. You play against a lot of tough players all the time. What sorts of things do you think give you an edge over these tough players?

What are some counterintuitive things you've learned that help you out? (for me, things like just how strong combo draws are, and how much of a difference there is between saying someone's range is "AA,KK" or "AA,KK,AK," but feel free to answer this one however you want!)

I often just play in a straightforward manner. Playing your big hands (made and draws) fast and aggressively really confuses your opponents. Yes combo draws are incredible powerful. Yes AK has many more combinations than AA and KK combined. This is why I love pokerstove because if I know someone will make a play with AK, AA and KK it will appropriately weight the likely hood of each hand. Pokerstove is a great program and I recommend everyone play around with it and learn how to do equit calculations.

I'm kind of a weak tight player.

What's the best book, DVD, recipe for learning aggression?


Edit: I am now affilated with cardrunners but I want to say I gain nothing from anyone going there. But I used and use it as a tool and I thinkk it is great way to improve your game.

One thing El D said in the well (and Gigabet has said in posts) is that in every single hand, he tries to put his opponent on an exact holding. Do you do the same?

I suck at hand reading and I suspect so do many SSNLers. What are your thoughts on how improve one's hand reading skills -- anything more to it than just putting in the effort?

When I am playing I will often say to myself what do you have and imagine diferent possiblies (small pairs, suited aces etc.) But often for anaysis I use a range. So I more put people on a range of hands and see the equity of my holdings vs that of there range. Unfortanatly there is no easy way to get better at hand reading and having a feel for the game. All I can reccommend is countless hours of play and slowly it comes to you and you improve.

I am a former SnG player who is just starting 6 max cash games. I have $400 and play 50NL currently. What strategy could you give me to move up in the levels the most efficient way possible?

Don't tilt, post 2 hands a day. Play 1K hands a day and in no time you will be at 5/10. All it takes is some hard work. I would also reccomend playing 25NL until you have 600 dollars before trying 50NL as 8 BI is not alot.

If you had to start from scratch with $1,000 and you were only allowed to play NL holdem cash games. What would you play and can give me a bankroll plan you would use to climb back up to the levels you play now? How long do you think it would take you?



I would start with 100NL and play until I had 2K and jump right into 200NL being willing to move back down if I dropped $800. I would then play 200NL until I had 3500 and then I would play 400NL again dropping down if I had a little downswing. I would continue this process all the way to 100/200. I think this is an interesting question, and I feel that with 1000 dollars I could be playing 50/100 NL in 4 weeks with 200K. This would be very ambitous and require alot of poker everyday (probably 3K+ hands a day). But I still think it could be done. ( I don't knwo if I want to try to prove it tho )

You said that you have recently joined cardrunner.

1. How much has this helped your game so far.

2. Are these videos and all they contain a far better learning tool (ie steeper curve) than simply posting and responding to hands on 2+2.

3. Would you reccomend them to a $100 NL player with a good basic understanding but needs to take his game to a higher level. ie ME! Or should I work to a higher level before making the investment?

I have been a cardrunners member since january and it defentily helped my game intially. I think posting on 2+2 is very important. I think having both tools at your disposal is the best way to learn. Totally immersing yourself in poker is the best way to get better quickly. I think someone playing 100NL is at the perfect level to join cardrunners.

Do you have a specific financial strategy (i.e. % that go into bankroll vs. savings/investments).

Toughest transition from small --> medium stakes? medium --> high stakes?

When I was moving up and only playing part time everything I made went into increasing my bankroll. Again I personally had the most trouble transitioning through 400NL and 600NL. I would reccomend keeping 100% of your winnings in yoru bankroll. Withdrawing your winnings really slows down how quickly you can move up. I never withdrew from my bankroll until 2 weeks ago when I invest a large portion of it.


I respect the fact that you moved up quickly and took some shots. It was a slight risk but it definitely paid off for you. Im just curious when you decided to move to the big games, ie over 2knl, and how you did at the begining against good players.

First I hate party and I really liked fulltilt. So I began palying some at tilt when I was playing 3/6. Even though there were far fewer games to choose from and much harder opponents I fel tthat it was worth it not to have to deal with party. I then built a siable roll on tilt until I had a enoguh to take on the 25/50 game. At that time the 25/50 on tilt didn't run nearly as often as it does now. It seems liek there is always a game going now. As I got more and more comforatable with the 10/20 games at tilt I realized that it was mainly the same game as teh 25/50. So when I had ~80Kish I gave the 25/50 on tilt a shot and didn't ahve a problem. By that time I had also moved some money to UB and was playing 10/25 there and then made the jump to 25/50 and didn't have any major problems.


I have a really big roll for 1knl and a pretty big roll for 2knl yet I mainly play 1knl becuase on party the 6 max games are full of EM2, Samo, BldSwttrs, lolo, Tizerd and such players. I feel like it would be a little silly to move up just so I can play those guys on 6 tables every day. Do you think I should stay at 1k, move off of party, or play some other games on other sites. I feel like a giant vagina after reading your story becuase we were in the same place in february, and while im very proud and happy with my results, I see you and think that I could be doing more. This was a little rambly, but any ramblings or feelings you have on the subject would be interesting.

I am probalby not the best person to ask about these games, but I played like 400 hands at party 10/20 last month and I was amazed how good the games are. I mean multitabling 10/20 on party is like printing money. Players are very weak and exploitable. I defenitly think you should move up and if you are worried about the party regs, and I woudlnt' be since there are so many games at party you can mainly avoid them, you should consider moving to UB, tilt, or stars. Remeber tho there will be better players overall at these sites so you have to deciede if it is worth leaving party. Aslo if you never push yourself and play against good opponents you will never be able to be a really sucsessful poker player.

In your opinion, what does it take to be a good poker player (let say good enough for crushing 2000NL at Party)? Do you think everyone with good discipline, willingness to work/studdy hard and IQ equal or higher then 100 can achieve this goal, or do you have to be born with some special gift? Or is there something else?

Effort and motivation, I think a monkey could beat the 10/20 game at party.


If you're in a juicy game but feel like you're not playing your best, do you try to stick it out, or quit?

If you feel yourself starting to tilt, what do you do? Just stop playing for a while?

Do you ever make short term -EV plays for metagame? eg. give up on pots to avoid tilting yourself, or push hard in pots without an edge to try to tilt your opponent?

I usually stick with it, even when I know i should quit. I have trouble stopping playing especially if I am stuck.

I try to just quit and go workout when I am tilting but it is easier said tahn done. Tilt was one thing I had to work on as I was moving up the levels. Here is an example of how bad I used to tilt and how far I have come (I hardly tilt now).


No not usually people think I am crazy enough as is I don't need to do extra to try to convince them.

what books have you read, what book has helped you with your NLH game the most
also whats you fav. book and what book(s) have you studied the most

None there are no good NL books avaiable, just read the forums.

When decidign to post a hand do you have some type of guidline? I often go through old sessions but never find hands that I feel need to be posted. I can usually find the mistake right away but obvioulsy this is after the fact. Any suggestions so I dont flood 2+2 with trivial post?

I think most hands you look back at and analys yourself and figure out what you need to do diferently. I think reviewing your session is a great tool for improving your play. So if you feel satified with the anaylsis of a hand then you don't need to make a post but when you review a hand and feel lost then posting will defn help you.

Do people you know from your non-online life know of your poker success? What do they think? What does your family think?

How important is having a great deal of "gamble" in you for beating very high stakes games? At what stakes does this become a key factor? Do you gamble on non-poker games?

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Some know how well I am doing but for the most part no. I don't really want people to think of me diferently.

My family is proud of my sucess, even tho my mom worries about me losing everything. She makes out of the blue statements like "There is more variance in live poker than online so you are more likely to lose it all there" saying this to me before my last trip to veags.

I think you see highly aggressive play which looks like gambling to you but good players have motivation behind there plays.

I hae no desire to play pit games. I have some buddies who love craps and it has 0 appeal to me.

I am curretnly transitioning from limit to NL. Having read that you did the same I was curious what you thought the biggest differences were. Also, I find myself naturally calling down more even when I feel like Im beat and going to SD too much from playing mostly limit for a while. I was curious if you had a similar problem while transittioning or breaking old limit habits while beginning NL and/or how you did break them?


I love when players switch from limit to NL at high stakes because they are usually huge calling stations. I think in NL you dont' need a hand as much as in limit. In limit you are constantly going to showdown where in NL you are hardly ever making it to showdown. I always tell my self I either need zero hands in NL or one hand to bust an opponent. If opponets don't call enough then I keep bluffing and widdling them down, and if they call to much I just need to make one hand against them to stack them. I wasn't very good at NL at first and I had to learn the game.

how do you stay focused when mulit tabling online? i notice my play start to slip after like 3 hours of 4 tabling online. but when i play live, i can play 15 hour sessions with ease.

I have the same problems and there is no easy solutions. I also find when I get comfortable at a new limit my play begins to detoriorate as since it doesn't hurt to lose as much.

Picture and description of your setup?

What's the next worry about your life now that you have money?

I don't have a picture but I have a 30'' dell monitor and a 24'' dell monitor set up side by side with the top of the line dell computer.

I am now looking into purchasing my own place. I know little of the reality market so I am quickly trying to learn.

hey aba, good thread you are inspiring me to stop playing sloppy and give it my best go to get up to 100/200 with you. how much PLO do you play and what stakes are you starting at? how can you justify playing PLO and making $50 an hour or $200 an hour when you could make so much more at NL? sure someday you can maybe make the same, or even make moremoney at PLO but that is probably months off.

what's your winrate? full tables, 6 max tables, HU?

I started at 10/20 and 5/10 about 3 months ago but haven't played much until the past few weeks. Now I am playing 25/50 at stars up to 100/200 at tilt. I think 100/200 is alittle big for me now with my plo skill level so I may take a month off that game. PLO has huge swings and tons of variance. 10 BI swings are much more common in PLO since it is hard to get yoru money in with more than a 60/40 edge. I am trying to learn all forms of poker. I eventally want to play in the "big game" so I want to be comfortable with all games. I know that I do much better at big bet poker games than limit games. Also big NL games are not always running and being able to play big Omaha games is a good balance, so there are always games avaiable. I am willing to sacrafice some edge now to learn other forms of poker. My winrate in PLO isn't to great (2/bb/100 over 12K hands) but I feel that there is tons of room for me to improve as I have a very elementary concept of the game.

I play poker on a Mac. PokerTracker is not supported for Mac, so I am unable to use this or any other HUD program. Do you think it's detrimental to an online player's success to not be able to use these programs? Would you highly recommend doing whatever it takes to play on a PC instead so I can take advantage of these programs?

No I use my HUD less and less, but not having pokertracker is just unaccpetable. Pokertracker is an amazing program that every serous poker player has to have.

"I feel that with 1000 dollars I could be playing 50/100 NL in 4 weeks with 200K"

How confident are you in this statement?

I feel confident, but I don't want to get in some prop bet unless it was very lucrative if I suceeded. So bassically I am not going to be backing up what I am saying. Also don't get me wrong it would not be easy. I figure you would have to play 30 days straigh of 3K+ hands a day. It would be very very challenging, I just feel that it could be done.

1. What is the most important thing you've learned related to poker in the last month? 3 months? 6 months? year?

2. Is there anything you 'learned' about poker that you had to work hard to unlearn?

3. Do you coach?

4. How do you feel about shortstackers?

again, thanks

I would say learning how to be emotionally balanced and not tilt is very important. Also don't get caught up in your short term results.

not really, small stuff I guess like don't overvalue KTo type hands.

Yes I am currently staking/coaching someone now. He has moved up from 50NL to 400NL in the past 2 months and is having alot of sucess.

A good shortstacker is a real pain for me. I really dislike them but to each his own.

I am a longtime PLO player who is just starting NL.
1) What was the hardest thing for you transitioning to PLO as an established HE player?
2) What's your favorite PLO starting hand?
3) What PLO games are you currenly playing?

1) learning that aces are not that good in plo

2) 89TJ double suited

3) stars 25/50, UB 50/100 and fulltilt 50/100 and 100/200

Given your entire bankroll to work with, how much would you estimate you could make in one year if you were entirely focused on maximizing your earn for that year?

You can make alot of money playing online poker. But remeber that is 4 weeks of playing everyday for 3-4K hands a day. That is probably not sustainable for very long. I think playing the amount I do 5 mil is very attainable, but only time will tell.

You mentioned that you consider concentrating to be very important. Do you have any tips on how to stay focused? Do you play with an instant messager open or while browsing 2+2?

Sometimes I get bored and IM and read 2+2 and it defenitly hurst my game. Being totally focused is very important when playing.

Could you give a few thoughts on game selection? What factors do you feel are most important when choosing which game to play in?

EDIT: And just for curiosity's sake, who do you think are the best players at 'Stars 25/50?


I am really bad about game selection and that is something I need to work on. Yesterday I was sitting in a 100/200 game with ozzy87, green plastic, durrr, and dsidny. Very tough game. Basically loook for a loose passiv eplayer who calls down to much to exploite.

best players at stars are ozzy87 and holdemNL.

Aba - I notice that both you and CTS started playing LHE first , beat it and moved to NL. Do you think this is a coincidence? Or are there skills that limit poker help you develop which give you an advantage over players who only play NL?

I'm just starting to get serious about playing and I keep going back and forth as to which game to focus on. I really find certain aspects of both interesting.

I dont' think it matters which you choose and should choose the game that fits your personality best. That said it is important to be good at all games.

Along with this I have another 20K hands on my laptop with a winrate around 5 bb/100. I fell that I don't play as well on my laptop since I am in hotels, airpots, and in cars. I estimate my overall winrate to be about 6.5 bb/100 for stakes 25/50 and higher.

Questions about multi-tabling.

Are you mainly nut-peddling or do you have different ranges depending on position?
If so, what are these ranges?
Do you fold at one table because you are involved on 1 or 2 other tables?

I dont' think I nut pedal . Yes the more tables I am playing the less hands that I play.

Can you talk about how you go about reviewing your play? Everyone says that just reviewing losing hands is a poor decision. How do you decide, out of thousands of hands, which ones to study/share/post?

When I review a session (and I don't do it as much for NLH, but I do it for limit holdem and plo) I go through every hand.

What are my weaknesses as a poker player?

lack of focus when playing

Somebody asked about what are some good books for NL cash, and you said there aren't any. Have you read Phil's Little Green Book or NL Theory and Practice? I was considering getting them, and a high stakes pro's comments would be helpful.

Yes I have read phils book and it is ok but not great. NL theory and practice isn't very good either. I guess they will help your game put the forums are much better.

In the above stats from pokertracker, I can see that you almost always raise in a pot.

Do you still do that at a full table (10 players) or do you limp more with hands like 67s+,44+?

I never limp even in fullring, but I hardly ever play fullring.

what kind of hands do you look for when you're analysing your sessions? big pots? big losers, big winners? small pots, overall stats, etc.

I analysis everyhand but I defn spend more time on the bigger pots.

Just out of curiousity, I wondered what you made of [Email]H@££INGOL.[/Email] He seems to dominate the 25-50 NL on stars, but you must feel he has exploitable weakness if you feel he is not one of the strongest players.

I have said who I think are the top players at stars. I don't want to comment unless I feel the players are top 1-3 in the game.

your vpip from SB is 40%, could you explain why that number is so high?
my stats is 20/13 and sb vpip is only 18%
are you reraisng alot of hands to BN raise preflop?

I play alot of HU and 3 handed. When I am playing with 5-6 players at the table I am a 26/20. Yes I constantly reraise button openers.

You say that " I think a monkey could beat the 10/20 game at party". Well obvoiusly all of SSNL/MSNL and half of HSNL can't. What do you feel the reasons for that are?

Are you going to play in the WSOP next year?

You say you coach some1, is he from 2p2? If he is, who is he? (obv you don't have to say if you don't want). How much do you charge? Are you looking to coach others in the future?

I probably trivialized the games. I think the party is a great game and very profitably and very beatable for an experienced player.

I don't really like tournies and when I was playing in the WSOP this year I actually didn't feel like playing because I wanted to get back to the really juicy cash games. I will play next year but probably not with to much enthusiasm.

Yes he is from 2+2, I dont' charge for my coaching I do it as a way to give back to the forum. I once he accomplishes his gaols and no longer needs my coaching I will probably pick someone else to bankroll and coach.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

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Re: aba20 in the well - summary [Re: drogo]
      #7372148 - 09/21/06 08:51 AM

Very nice.

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Re: aba20 in the well - summary [Re: kitaristi0]
      #7373487 - 09/21/06 11:50 AM

Thanks Drogo. You should also check out the way Dory and Munkey did the recaps. I know it takes a bit longer, but they put the answers in blue and inserted them right behind each individual question and it makes them so easy to read.

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Re: aba20 in the well - summary [Re: Tarheel]
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These summaries really help a lot. Thanks.

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