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Carpal \'Tunnel

Reged: 08/09/04
Posts: 6856
Loc: San Mateo, California
Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11
      #11501348 - 08/02/07 02:39 PM

BCM says he will answer all ur ?s out here so gogogogogogo....Enjoy guys and gals:

How old are you and where are you from?
I am 22 and from Cleveland Ohio.

How long have you been playing poker?
About 3 years now... fulltime for a little over a year

What did you do before you played poker for income?
I had no money, no car, nothing. I was your typical broke college student. I was a very serious Div 1 athlete and when I realized I wasn't going to
have a career playing professionally I had to find a new way to compete.

How did you get into Heads Up as your main game?

I have always been drawn to Heads up poker ever since I started playing online. i love the competition and dynamics that come with Heads up.

Which style is best to open up a Heads Up match, loose and raising aggressively or play tight till you know your opponent better?

I will usually come out playing pretty straight forward but leaning towards being aggressive and seeing how they react. you can usually tell pretty
early on what kind of player you are up against.

Do you feel that you have any leaks in your game?

Of course, every player has leaks and anyone that says they don't isn't being honest. I'm always trying to get better everyday. A lot of leaks the higher
you get up almost have less to do with poker and more to do with the psychology of poker. A lot of good players tilt or can't manage money right and end up
not being successful as poker players despite having all the talent.

How did you learn to multitable profitably at the 220s? That seems like a very hard thing to do. How do you get reads like this?
Nothing other then practice. I single tabled for a long time and then would start to work in two tables. Now I will get incredibly bored if I am
playing only one table.

Do you have any specific poker goals? Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

Right now I am so into poker that I don't see myself wanting to stop playing anytime soon. I am living a very good life and am trying to set myself
up financially for the rest of my life. Eventually I'd like to get to a point where I don't have to grind so much and can enjoy doing other things more but
at the moment I don't mind it. Probably I will start coaching soccer in a few years and keep playing poker on the side.

What are some of the weaknesses you see in players at the 220s and higher?
There are a lot actually. There's some players that will never fold preflop and defend out of position with trash. Then there's others that will
felt top pair no matter what.

What are the biggest struggles you have had to overcome as a professional
poker player?
Thankfully I haven't faced a ton of adversity coming up. Since I rarely play much higher then $500 games I don't ever really face that many bad downswings.
Last year I played a lot of $10/$20NL HU cash games but having $10k swings everyday got to me and since this is how I make my living I am looking for a
more risk-free way to grind money. When I first started playing however I had a lot of problems with bankroll management and never cashing money out before
deciding to take poker more serious.

Let's say its the 3rd hand of a match, and the opponent is pretty loose and passive....You have A5o and raise it to 60 (3x the bb) and he calls and the flop
comes down 224 two spades one heart and he checks to you....What is your move? Assume equal stacks without loss of generality.
I will bet this flop everytime. Not only do I have two overs and a gut shot, it's very likely I have the best hand at the moment anyway. If he is loose
passive he will harldy ever check raise me off this hand and he might even call down with a worse hand like 56 or something.

What are key components of your game / lifestyle that make you a bigger
winner than most (or more consistent)?
I think a big component is my work ethic. i don't mind grinding out $3-4k a week playing $220 where as a lot of players would get sick of it and want to
run up their account a little bit more and take shots at bigger games. I play poker to make money and enjoy cashing money out every few days where as most
players prefer keeping money online I think.

What should us little groupies know or learn to get baller at HU like you?
Just work hard and if you dedicate enough time to something you are going to be successful with it. You have to separate yourself from others though by
doing things others wouldn't. If that means reviewing HH after sessions, getting coached, or just talking with other poker friends about how they would
play certain situations, it makes a big difference. It really takes a lot of dedication.

How do you live away from the game (eg. eat well, get exercise, lots of good sex:)) to stay sharp for the game?
I try to stay active as much as possible because being a professional poker player is one of the worst occupations for staying in shape. As for eating,
I eat out every single day of my life and spend my fair share on food.

What hobbies do you have away from cards?
I always was very into sports so i still play all the time. I go to a lot of Cavs and Indians games. I probably spent something like $8k last
year on Cavs tickets for me and my friends. Apart from that, I do a lot of what normal 22 year olds do like playing Xbox360, go out to bars,
and hang out with my friends.

Do you have a baller house, baller lifestyle, moniez and biotches all day?
Right now I have an apartment with one of my best friends and my older brother who is a poker player. I definitely enjoy my lifestyle but it's not crazy
baller or anything. A lot of my money is put away in investments. I'm buying a very nice condo in the next year though.

What kind of car do you drive?

I bought a 2007 BMW 335i in March and am getting a 2008 Porsche Cayenne S with my FPPs next month.

*Who is the best HU-er online (excluding yourself of course)?

There are a bunch but right now the king of HU sngs is Genius28.

*Who is the most overrated HU fish online (excluding me of course)?

None come to mind right now.

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Reged: 12/19/05
Posts: 2491
Loc: Cwar LLC
Re: Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11 [Re: Indiana]
      #11501826 - 08/02/07 03:08 PM

Good interview, some questions about the multitabling, how much do you think your play deteriorates by adding 1 2 or 3 tables? Also a personal question, I get the impression you dont like me even though we have never talked except a bit of strat on the forums, is this true?

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Reged: 05/29/07
Posts: 359
Loc: New Hampshire, USA
Re: Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11 [Re: cwar]
      #11501938 - 08/02/07 03:15 PM

What do you feel really seperates you from the other guys in the forum or the average 220 player? Is it dedication, HU Theory, ability to adjust to your opponents or poker sense I guess, or something else completly? Like what allows you to make so much bank and keep getting great results?

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Reged: 01/15/07
Posts: 2083
Loc: husng training site
Re: Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11 [Re: PrimordialAA]
      #11502329 - 08/02/07 03:35 PM

Do you have any desire to keep taking shots at higher levels?

What does it take to have success at 550+ levels. It seems a lot of players have trouble staying at that level and beyond. Is it just the downswings are is the skill factor just such a huge jump from the 220s to the 550s?

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Reged: 12/07/06
Posts: 83
Re: Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11 [Re: cwar]
      #11508115 - 08/02/07 10:10 PM

to Cwar - a lot of multi tabling lowers ROI% but it certainly raises $/hour.

To Chicago - yes i like to take shots at higher stakes games from time to time to avoid burn out from the day to day grind of the $200s.

To Primor - A lot of it is just dedication.

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Reged: 11/17/04
Posts: 2026
Loc: it's hard out here for a pimp
Re: Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11 [Re: BCM11]
      #11508367 - 08/02/07 10:27 PM

what sports did you play?

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old hand

Reged: 08/12/06
Posts: 1142
Re: Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11 [Re: IronFly]
      #11508855 - 08/02/07 11:08 PM

You or RobP3?

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Reged: 05/17/07
Posts: 218
Re: Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11 [Re: Indiana]
      #11513172 - 08/03/07 08:06 AM

Solid Brag on the 8k on cavs games.....Downtown was a bitch huh?....Ne way
What compelled you to coach Crounder? he speaks of you coaching him, im just curious what made you decide that you wanted to help him out.

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Reged: 09/28/06
Posts: 204
Re: Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11 [Re: Deewhizzle]
      #11514723 - 08/03/07 11:22 AM

I watched u play HU cash yesterday, you play goot, but 4bet pf very frequently with QTo etc. against very agrro opponents, whats your reasoning. thanks

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Reged: 12/07/06
Posts: 83
Re: Indy's Interview Series with the top HUers: BCM11 [Re: BountyKilla]
      #11517819 - 08/03/07 02:48 PM

you have to 3 bet a wide range in deep stack HU NL. Sometimes you even have to 4 bet certain hands. It's just a lot more about psychology in deep stack HUNL.

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