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PL/NL Texas Hold'em >> Micro Stakes

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The People's Mod

Reged: 02/24/05
Posts: 7663
Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2
      #12648935 - 10/24/07 03:30 PM

Got a question you think is too noobish to ask?

Afraid your post will get locked because it's stupid?

Think you've got a frequently asked question that isn't in the FAQ?

In the second annual installment of Get Your Noob Out we're inviting all of you to post your noob questions - as silly as you think they might be - in this thread.

This thread is reserved for ON TOPIC questions only. This is not "Ask EMc Anything." Attempts to troll this thread (where the mods will be politely providing answers) will be met with swift bans.

Looking forward to it:


Edited by ama0330 (10/24/07 06:02 PM)

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Micro Donk

Reged: 08/10/07
Posts: 1736
Re: Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2 [Re: EMc]
      #12648955 - 10/24/07 03:32 PM

recommended cardrunner vids?

also if im at, say, 25NL, should videos only around my level by watched, like up to 100NL? or does it matter all that much?

I enjoyed all of the GreenPlastic lower NL videos, as well as all the Brian Townsend videos. I don't really like the Stinger vids or the low limit guest pro ones.

My CR expired a while back and I only got to see a few Brian Townsend's vids. I enjoyed them alot. I've heard that cts' vids are quite good. I also enjoyed GP and I think that those CR vids are decent for good TAG play.

For me it was Jmans video, and both of CTS's videos. Brians are also very good and anything by GP. Check out adanthars videos if you are into MTTs.

Edited by ama0330 (10/25/07 04:07 AM)

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Reged: 08/08/06
Posts: 1575
Re: Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2 [Re: Micro Donk]
      #12648984 - 10/24/07 03:33 PM

what does FWIW mean

i am serious, couldnt find an explanation somewhere, was afraid to ask in the brew

For What Its Worth

Edited by EMc (10/24/07 03:34 PM)

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Reged: 06/18/07
Posts: 204
Re: Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2 [Re: Spurious]
      #12649052 - 10/24/07 03:38 PM

Does "grunch" mean that the poster has not read the other responses? If so, does the saying "grunch" come from the poster grunch?


Edited by EMc (10/24/07 03:39 PM)

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Reged: 02/16/07
Posts: 82
Re: Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2 [Re: Spurious]
      #12649066 - 10/24/07 03:40 PM

How often should I be double-barreling at NL50?

a) Rarely, only against decent/TAGGY people

b) Maybe 20-25% of the time, you need a scary or overcard turn, and a read that villain is NOT a station.

c) Maybe 40-50% of the time, it's such a powerful play that you should be using it in a variety of contexts against most opponents, and only adjusting your frequency downwards when events specifically warrant it.

I think its most effective being done like b, where you have a read villain is not a station and you have a good card to do it on.

This Q is impossible to answer. We need stack sizes, villan descriptions, board texture and game flow/image before thinking about this. I wrote something on this in micros a while back here

IMO if you are looking for a blanket statement, then "never double barrel at the micros unless its for value" is a good one. There are situations where it is appropriate but if you never do it you're not missing out on anything at all.

Edited by ama0330 (10/25/07 04:08 AM)

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old school

Reged: 06/11/05
Posts: 12050
Loc: one decision
Re: Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2 [Re: EMc]
      #12649083 - 10/24/07 03:41 PM

Yay, noob thread. Anything poker related, bankroll, tilt, or questions about uNL or 2p2 or modding or poker sites or w/e blah blah blah. Last one was fun. Just know it's not like a well to ask mods personal questions.

And to be clear, it's the mods only answering questions as a service to the uNL community. Look forward to it.

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Reged: 09/17/07
Posts: 7
Re: Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2 [Re: ajmargarine]
      #12649130 - 10/24/07 03:45 PM

How exactly do you datamine? Does it require another program? I searched Datamining Full Tilt, and the thread said something about "Full Tilt Table Opener", but didn't say exactly how to employ it or where to get it. Can anyone give me a quick how-to?

I'm prepping for my move up to 50NL and would like to get some good numbers on players up there.

Check out the software forum stickies and threads there. They have all the stuff you need to use and know about datamining various sites

Edited by ajmargarine (10/24/07 03:48 PM)

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Reged: 05/06/07
Posts: 300
Re: Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2 [Re: Khumalo]
      #12649142 - 10/24/07 03:46 PM

Whats a standard but solid winrate at 10nl/25nl?
What level do you feel has the biggest jump in difficulty for most players?
Who will in the world series? i'll answer - sox
Will the celtics make it to the finals this year? - no
Will the Patriots lose this year? not a chance

Anything over 5ptbb/100 is a solid winrate at any level.

The biggest jump is always the next level above the one you are currently playing on. I know that's kind of a cop-out answer, but it's the truth imo. You have to take each hurdle as they come.

Edited by ajmargarine (10/24/07 03:52 PM)

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Reged: 10/17/07
Posts: 96
Loc: uNL
Re: Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2 [Re: Monster207]
      #12649258 - 10/24/07 03:54 PM

I started playing at stars yesterday on a 20 dollar bankroll. I dual tabled at 10NL with a big risk, but it ended well. When can I move up to 25NL? I am willing to take a risk of getting busted by the swings, but not a too big risk. I have 150 dollars now, is it too soon?

Poor bankroll management. Continue to stay at 10NL until you have $350 or so. Then you can think about taking some shots at 25nl. Generally bankroll guidelines are suggested around 20 buyins. You can start taking shots around 15 though.

Well, it looks like you made $130 in one day at 10NL. That's really really good. Why not just keep playing at that limit until you build up a nice cushion like Orange says.

Know that it's only because of positive variance (running hot) that you were able to do so well in one day. Just take it easy for a little bit longer at NL10 and try to build that roll up higher first before moving up.

Edited by ajmargarine (10/24/07 04:06 PM)

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old hand

Reged: 05/01/05
Posts: 1181
Loc: sucking it up in 3bet pots
Re: Get your n00b out, uNL--Volume 2 [Re: Rips]
      #12649348 - 10/24/07 03:59 PM

is it gene?rally profitable at 50nl to raise any two on the button?

Depends on the blinds/stack size and how tight/good/bad they are. In a vaccum, I would say no.

Ive tried it, its not. Doing this relies too much on FE which is non existant.

Edited by ama0330 (10/25/07 04:10 AM)

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