Albert Moulton
10/17/06 03:49 PM
Re: When do move up from NL25?


I've resolved not to move up untill I've played 10k hands and have beaten it for more than 10PTBB/100.

So far I've played 2500 hands and am at 25PTBB/100 hands.

I think you have an unrealistic expectation of long term success here. While its true that some players have 100K runs with 10 BB/100 hands, I suspect most winners over that number of hands will be 1BB-5BB/100 hands, with the 5BB/100 being really strong players.

I think your streak is awesome, but don't expect >10BB/100 as a standard before moving up.

I think bankroll is more important. If you have adequate bankroll for 25NL, then play there until you win enough to have an adequate bankroll fo 50NL, and so on. Drop down if the bankroll takes hits. Move up when the bankroll can sustain a shot at the next level. Some levels will go by quickly. And some will go by not so quick.

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