07/17/06 12:43 PM
Re: im in the well


Don't want to beat a dead horse, but I've been looking for a way to get this question out to the forum for a while...


What is your opinion of the corrent state of the SSNL forum? What would you like to see happen here?

well ive only been here a few months so i dont rly have past knowledge of it to compare to, but in and of itself i think its good. i do agree with dbitel that there are a lot of hands that seem so standard, but those are the same hands i had trouble with when i first started, so i definitly understand why they are posted. i still think it would do the board well to branch off a seperate forum for micro limits, say25 nl and under, leaving ssnl for 50 100 and 200 nl.

but when its all said and done, most hands get a wide range of advice from players of very different styles so you can definitly get new perspectives on hard situations.

i think the mods do a good job here

and lastly i think AJ should pm me his party id

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