(Carpal \'Tunnel)
02/26/06 04:13 PM
Re: When do move up from NL25?


I am just reading this for the first time.

There are somethings I don't understand though.

"- a PFR from you doesnt always mean AA-JJ and AQs+"

Currently (200NL) it means one of these hands for me about 80-85%, the rest is PP/SC/Ax or broadways in LP/occasionally a plain steal. I am still ~16-20% PVIP depending on the game

"- your lines don't define your hand"
This is probably big enough to write a book on but isin't this entirely dependant on how intelligent your opponents are?

Sometimes I think that if I was playing against a clone of myself, I would know 100% if I am beat or not in some situations. However, this requires an in depth knowledge of my game that very few players have. Do many players have this type of knowledge at 1000NL?

I miss you fim.

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