(Carpal \'Tunnel)
01/06/06 02:17 AM
Re: When do move up from NL25?

I assume you are addressing me? I started playing poker "for real" (moving beyond donktastic play in $5 tournies at school) in September 2005 with my $50 roll at NL10. I 4-tabled right off the bat after learning that "tight is right".

I currently 4 table NL100 with a bankroll of about 40 buyins. I could move up I guess but I'm not happy with my winrate at NL100. [edit: small sample size, 15k hands, yada yada yada, regardless I am not achieving the results that I feel I am capable of) I'll be down here for 20k more hands at least. And I still bonus whore every opportunity I get. I rarely play without a bonus.

By the time I move up to the 200s I'll be rediculously overrolled, which is great for building confidence. Variance be damned when I move up. "When Sup Bro moves up in stakes, you will know it"

edit: I spelled confidence with an s

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