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07/07/07 11:26 PM
Re: dumb question - what is PT in PTBB?


I didnt read even the OP in this thread...but move up as soon as you can beat NL25...even if you only have $500. If you lose 2 stacks or whatever move back down, rinse and repeat. First off, 50NL is ridiculously easy, and secondly you'll beat NL25 even better after moving up then down...any decent 25NL player is losing massive amounts of money (to them) by practicing good BR management at that level. BR management is much more important at levels that actually have good deals of variance (ie, 100+...and even then it may start at 200NL)

I agree completely, just take shots with a small bankroll if you're beating 25nl for a nice winrate. The play isn't much better (if at all, maybe just tighter), and you'll get paid off by a lot of hands still.

If you're staying at nl25 to get a huge amount of buyins so you don't go bust, just stop and think - people move up with 20 buyins to nl400 (some do, I don't think it's right) and there is SICK variance there. The variance at nl50 is not gonna be very apparent and the only way you SHOULD lose at nl50 is because you get KK v AA 15 times in a session.

That's a bit much, but anyone that actively reads the 2+2 forums and posts hands should be able to beat nl50, and if they can't, they're not reading good enough.

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