12/02/07 02:33 AM
Re: 2 interesting $400 PLO8 hands

Hand 1: I misread this one the first time I looked...I think with you betting into the MP2 and he raises that big(and he wasn't the preflop raiser) you're in deep [censored]...Would your opponent play a mid-wrap?? I can't see any reason to play this one any further...Just doing some gorilla math in my head, I think the best you could hope for here is to be even money and I don't think your low is worth [censored] against what his range is...Hell 65 has you beat for low...
Hand 2: Toughie...I think Mend said it was mood dependent...I'd say the same thing...If I felt like gambooling I'd shove here...I'd have to be running like the sun to do that though...I could really see UTG popping it to protect AA2/AA4/AA5 against what he perceives to be a flush draw with no A2 by you...Tough spot, but I think you gotta muck it...

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