(there is NO spoon)
10/30/06 03:02 PM
Re: Basic Theory: -Expected Value-


In your hypothetical, you know that Vill...

Oh, wait, I see now. You're talking about the equity race once all the money is in, which is the same as EV since all the money is in.

Bingo - I have edited my OP (via the help of 42it - thanks ) the idea is simply demonstrate EV simply in a known hand example before throwing up an example where we use a range of hands and things get a little more complicated.

thanks for pointing out the errors - and the 2 people who spotted that in example #2 my board was mistyped in pokerstove which kind of skewed the results (but only by 58BB or so )

I have proofread several times now and think I got it right this time.

I hope this makes things a little clearer now.

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