South Pole
08/05/07 09:52 AM
Re: Basic Theory: -Expected Value-


The actual results don't matter, as long as my range is accurate

Your decision to call the bet is the whole issue for me and that's based on the range of hands you give below isn't it?

Here's your selected range JJ+, 55, AhKh, AJs, J5s, J2s, Ts7s, 52s, AJo, J5o, J2o, 52o

But IMO some of this range (J5o, J5s, J2s, QQ+) is not as likely to be raising all-in as JJ+ for instance.

Do you agree and if so doesn't this change the EV result significantly? More to the point how do you deal with this in the heat of battle when deciding to call?


I play using the general rule that I should never fold a flopped set for ~100BB. The reason being that no matter the flop if we can get all the money in on the flop we are almost always a favourite to win the hand at the showdown vs our opponents range of hands.

Continuing the theme of my post why do you say "we are almost always favourite to win the hand vs. our opponents range of hands"? What range of hands do you consider when making such a decision or do you automatically call all-in bets given the same hand and board?

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