10/02/06 09:38 PM
Re: Conspiracy Theory: Put on Your Tin Foil Hats

I have to admit that idea has crossed my mind. From the government standpoint, they stand to reap in billions in tax revenue. What has happened today sucks, there is no doubt about it. My point of view is that this will turn out like prohibition did, it will be overturned, and when it does, I would rather play on a site regulated by the U.S. then a foreign site. I compare it to playing at an Indian Casino and a regular casino. I prefer the regular casinos because I know they are paying taxes to the government whereas the Indians are not. (I'm not tryin to stir up a debate on how Indians earned the right b/c of years of abuse) and that is why I would prefer to play at a U.S. regulated site that I know will pay taxes to the U.S. I wish it wouldn't come at the cost of a temporary ban like it appears to be, but once the smoke clears, I do beleive U.S. based online casinos will emerge.

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