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10/02/06 09:23 PM
Conspiracy Theory: Put on Your Tin Foil Hats

Inspired by woodguy & Ron Burgundy in this thread:

Anyway, this is the argument.
1. Harrah's Entertainment was the 13th largest contributer to Frist's 2000 Senate campaign.
2. It approaches the senator with a deal that seems to be a win-win-win situation. Frist wins, the casinos win, and the U.S. wins.
2a. Frist wins by displaying his morality for future presidential campaigns to the U.S. public by banning online "gambling". After a period of "consideration" another senator that in cahoots with the casino decides to try to legalize, but place tight control on online poker. Frist "opposes" the bill on the surface, but doesn't put up much of a fight. It passes.
2b. Casinos start up their own versions of online poker. American casinos quickly gobble up the U.S. market.
2c. The U.S. government gets hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue.


( The U.S. gambling industry in general donates a large chunk of change to politicians... )

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