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07/26/07 02:32 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra


Id like a little more verified proof before I go off of anything that article says. Who knows, maybe the time control was game 10 or 15 or something like that? Maybe
Soltis simply has the facts wrong etc etc

Check the notes on this link it provides a whole lot more detail of what you are looking for...

Oct-21-06 keypusher:

Odds Tourney - Odds Rating Diff

On thing to keep in mind that if you go back 30+ years the world was flat, opening knowledge was minimal.
Dinosaurs roamed the earth… this one in particular..

They're all weak, all women. They're stupid compared to men. They shouldn't play chess, you know. They're like beginners. They lose every single game against a man. There isn't a woman player in the world I can't give knight-odds to and still beat. – Bobby Fischer

So even if the rook odds story was true at that time, it might not hold true now.

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