(Johnny Chan Spotter)
07/13/07 05:51 AM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra

curtains - exactly. That's what I immediately thought when I read that he's a 1700 rated player.........on Yahoo.

I haven't played on yahoo before but I would be absolutely stunned if a 1700 on there translated to anything close to 1700 in USCF and you obviously agree with/confirmed my hunch.

As a 1400 in USCF I was able to peak at 1730 or something on ICC. Yeah, I might have had SOME improvement in there.
But mostly it was just ratings-inflation. If I had gone back to a USCF tourney I would be surprised if I was playing much higher than a 1500 level there.

And somehow it's my hunch that a 1700 on ICC would translate to an even higher rating on Yahoo but I'm not positive on that.

It is my hunch that Adanthar would lose to Curtains giving rook odds although I would have to think he would put up a better fight than durr did.

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