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07/12/07 07:53 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra

grisgra - When I was in the 1400ish range and in my prime I think I might be close to the 50/50-ish range against him so I definitely think you would be a favorite as an 1800 player.
I might fall shy of 50/50 but I definitely believe I could win a few games out of 10 against him.
Especially if he isn't able to figure out that trading-down in material is to his advantage and definitely with faster time-controls as I am at least semi-comfortable playing blitz.

And remember, he's not even really a 1000 player. We're just estimating.

If you read Curtains article about it:
- Raptor had to set up an 'en passant' position and ask if it was okay to capture there.
- There was no touch-move. He was allowed to take back any move that he made as long as he had yet to hit the clock.
It sounded like he was able to take advantage of this a couple times and see that a move he was about to make was a blunder and make a correction.

With regular touch-move rules there's a very good chance he would have lost more quickly and decisively.

- He also would not lose if he went over on time. He would just have to pay more per minute in the bet.

So under REAL rules where he wouldn't get that silly 'no touch-move' nonsense and actually would lose if his flag fell I would expect players like you, me and Curtains to have a slightly greater advantage since we are used to playing with these rules and he isn't.

Obviously the flagfall rule becomes even more important if you set it up as a G/10 or less.

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