07/12/07 03:09 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra



I know him. I haven't played him but my sister beat him

holy crap. when i read this, i thought to myself, this has to be greg and jen shahade. but i've been out of chess for about 8 years so i wasn't sure. and then on one of the later pages i saw the link to the us chess league post on the pokerstars blog and it turns out my guess was right. wow, that is pretty cool stuff.

i remember briefly meeting your sister at some world open back in the day. i might've actually been higher-rated than her at the time, i was one of those child prodigies that got sick of chess. i played on a team with the nakamuras and sam benen at the amateur team east one year and we won something. that was probably the highlight of my chess career.

anyway congrats again curtains. besides you and lederer, i wonder if there are any other chess-poker crossovers that i don't know about.

the big fat guy with the bowler hat that was at stuey ungars 2nd ME FT win. wasnt he a grand master or something?

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