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Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra



Is curtains some well-known chess player or something? Curtains, life story please.

In the same vein--has it ever been made official who gazza is? He's supposed to be a famous GM with several books, right? Nunn? Speelman? Seirawan?

No one probably knows what I'm talking about, b/c apparently gazza hasn't posted in over 2 years (used to be a regular, mainly in 6-max limit, which I didn't frequent) (and, boy, time does fly). And b/c in the Curtains v. POG match I skimmed and it was commented that Curtains was supposed to be the only IM/GM in the forums. So I looked in the archives:

"I suppose I count as a pro about half the time. I have been a professional chess player since I was 18 (a long time ago) and also wrote a lot of chess books so that I could stay at home with my family sometimes.
... "

"Maybe I could shed a bit of light on this discussion as I am a GM.
Firstly most of these guys hustling for money are nowhere near GM strength and would probably only be able to give a decent GM a good game when they have less than 2 mins each. At 5 mins each the GM will win easily.
And winning a game in 10 or 20 seconds is not really a question of chess strength but more of physical co-ordination. I used to regularly play games with half a minute to 5 against decent players (up to about 1900 ELO) when I was about 20 but probably couldn't do that anymore (I'm 40 now). ..."


"I'm a 40 year old professional chess player and author (of chess books)originally from London, England, but based in Switzerland for many years so that I can be with my children. "


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