07/04/07 05:23 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra

I'm sorry that I haven't had a chance to read every post in the thread, but curtains, do you have an estimate of what Durrr's rating is?

I ask because I'm USCF-rated 1744, and out of curiousity, starting playing odds matches against Fritz - and even in blitz, I was able to win more often than not with rook odds. Knight odds, on the other hand, usually got me beat decisively. Which makes me believe that Durrr wasn't even a decent class player, if the games were as decisive as they sound.

I'd have to say that what a few people have said - that some people have no clue exactly how good IMs and GMs really are. I teach chess to kids at a local library, and both they and their parents are shocked to find out that there are people out there (such as curtains!) who I would probably score less than 1% against in tournament play. If I can beat a dozen or more untrained kids in a simul, how could anyone possibly crush me?

Edit: Wow, now I'm trying to play Fritz with rook odds in 3 minute games and getting crushed - I think I only played 2 games last time I tried, I must have gotten pretty damn lucky :P

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