06/30/07 06:44 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra

"Lalu is about 2400-2500 strength in blitz, I'd have no chance in the longrun at 3-2 time odds."

Boo, if curtains himself admits this, I guess people won't be taking any action should such a match ever occur will they? Ohh well, at least you've now publicly admitted this, and now it's saved for posterity to remember

"As far as pawn odds go, no one has raised how an absent pawn can be an advantage to some extent. I could see missing f7 being pretty bad, because it doesn't open a piece and exposes the king. But wouldn't opening up a rook file be pretty sweet--if you can play a wide open attacking game? What about the others? Taking the d pawn off = instant gambit? (And yes, sure, I don't mean a net advantage, but against a weaker player, maybe even a player not that much weaker, it's not an all-around negative, right?)"

Opening the rook file, people think that's an advantage, but it just really is not, and will end up being far more of a liability later. As for d-pawn missing = gambit, gambit implies you have some kind of long term compensation for what you are missing, and you clearly do not in this case so describing it as a gambit doesn't really make sense. Missing the d-pawn though would be far more of a liability than the h-pawn as if you've ever studied chess at all, I'm sure you know how important central control is in the early game, and missing a central pawn puts you at an insane disadvantage in that regard.

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