Chump Change
06/29/07 05:55 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra


From Chump Change:

Aye, but the discussion isn't about a weekend player. It seems that everybody, save for durrr, knew and knows the weekend player had no chance. The comment I quoted stemmed from the talk about seriously competitive players beating top players in certain conditions.

Plus, I still gotta say comparing not having a rook to spotting somebody points in 1 on 1 shows such a fundamental misunderstanding of chess and probably basketball as well.

From Curtains:

I don't think its a bad analogy at all. If a friend of Kobe Bryant offers me some prop bet in basketball for like 100k, I probably won't take it, regardless of how great it sounds for me.

Well, at least Curtains agrees with me.

My point is simply that non-professionals and layman alike tend to
seriously underestimate the skills of professionals and experts.

Does an analogy of a top billiards player work better for you ?

Doesn't losing a $50,000 prop bet seem to support my premise ?
How seriously did durr underestimate curtains ?

Well, if you're familiar with any of my posts you realize I don't talk out of my ass.

I don't know much about much but 2 things I know quite a bit about are basketball and chess. If the analogy used any other spot I would've let it alone, but i've played both at a fairly competitive level and have played against elite and even competition (more basketball than chess, plus i've coached kids in the former) and figured i'd add my .02.

But i'm no trying to argue that point and definitely was not trying to insult or flame you.

I was simply saying that a more apt analogy to rook odds would be a basketball player playing with one hand or with an eyeptach or something where the weaker player might solve the problem and find a niche to exploit.

Spotting a player 15 points up to 24 is the same as spotting a player 15 games up to 24 in a chess match. The stronger player will be unstoppable but in a rook odds scenario or simliar the stronger player will be somewhat out of his element and thus somewhat susceptible to having this exploited.

That's all.

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