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06/29/07 02:19 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra


In a big tourney 1st might be $15,000. On top board, either player who wins would clinch first place. Instead, they usually agree to a quick draw, where they get into a massive 6-7 way tie for first for like $4,000

If they don't trust each other or if they are stupid. If they are friends they can make more money by playing for the win. The "secret" deal is you play for the win and sum the prizes together (1st place share and 2nd place share) they split the prize fund 60% to the winner of the game 40% to the loser.
1st prize $15K, 2nd $10K 4 people in the running. If they all draw it's $6,250. With "the deal" the worse case is you you have two folks tied for 1st & 2nd for $12,500 per share but the folks that have the "deal" split it $7,500 - $5,000.
The best case is that the other guys draw and you have one clear winner of $15K and maybe 2nd gets bundled up so each share is worth $2K in that case the deal runs $10,200 to the winner and $6,800 to loser. It's sort of an "ethical" way to throw a game!? I know of some top players that have done this many many times....

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