06/29/07 12:47 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra


btw just a note, I am positive that a decent % of the people that say that they would win the bet easily and then mock durrr for losing, would not actually be a favorite in the bet.
Sorry to be mean, I just find it silly how so many people are talking about how easily they would win the bet, without once giving their actual rating or any credentials of any sort. I'm mainly saying this to defend durrrr.

I have playing strength 2100-2200 fide and I'm fully confident I can give knight-odds vs anyone who hasn't played in tourneys before. Someone who beats all his friends all the time, just can't compete with someone who plays tournaments. I've seen it a thousand times: they think they're great, they know you're good, so they wanna challenge you. After 10 moves you start feeling ashamed yourself because he played so poor that it will be too obvious if you don't mate him in the next 10 moves. (Btw mostly they don't even know the exact rules, when isn't castling allowed and en passant for example.)

Take knight-odds, that's worth 3 pawns. I easily draw a pawn down, so winning 2 pawns is enough for not losing. How can't he lose 2 pawns? He might not drop pieces, but just 2 pawns, that's easy. Mostly he'll give a few pieces or get mated of course.

Rook-odds are very different cause you're unlikely to get 4 pawns, so he has to lose a piece and then some just to equalize.

Winning blindfold vs someone who never played tournaments is just as easy btw. It's even safer as you don't have to rely on his mistakes. Just play your A-game and he won't ever get an advantage.

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