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06/29/07 11:26 AM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra


The reason for this is that small advantages have more value when the ratings of the players involved are higher.

This is a sound point, but Iím not sure that the 300 points gaps are actually linear steps. I believe the k-factor for FIDE ratings is different for players below 2400. I donít recall exactly but letís agree for this example that below 2400 the k-factor is 24 and above it is drops to 18. The impact on rating gains would results in a player below 2400 who defeats someone of the same rating would gain 12 points, a player above 2400 who defeats a player of same rating would only gain 9. The outcome is that it is more difficult to go from 2400 to 2500, than it is to go from 2300 to 2400. However even with this being the case I believe your point of smaller advantages having more value as the ratings increase would offset some of the k-factor issues but Iím not sure entirely.
ďÖ.So logically I either underestimate my abilities to beat..Ē I think you are just using solid judgment, itís not a bet that Iíd want a piece of from either side.
I am (was) 2275 FIDE like two thousand year ago, anyone want to create a prop bet with Curtains and someone over the hill?

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