06/29/07 06:15 AM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra

I'm not sure exactly where the rating cutoff for someone like curtains to be still be a favorite against with rook odds, but my guess is it's about 1200-1300. I'd think a 1400-1500 would be a favorite, but who can really be sure.

"you really have to be quite bad at chess to ever lose with a rook advantage against anyone. just play defensively and force a bunch of trades -- they don't all even have to be even -- and you'll be unstoppable in the endgame. this is why chess is a terrible game to handicap -- a single pawn advantage would be enough to make any competitive player a favorite against the top gm's in the world."

That's completely wrong on so many levels. Play defensively and just force trades?? If it was that easy, why couldn't you just do that in regular chess and guarantee at least a draw in any game? I consider myself a reasonably competitive player, and I'm quite certain I'd be an underdog with pawn odds against the top GMs (and I'd guess curtains likely would be too, but unsure)."

Anyways, very cool bet overall, wish I coulda gotten in on some of that action. If you're up for more of it, I'll take you on curtains in blitz (EVEN MATERIAL, just give me 3 to 2 time odds), and I'll take some of your newfound $8k off of you

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