06/29/07 04:19 AM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra


grats on the score! i just wanted to say i have loosely followed you and your sister since around 2000 when i caught some of your games in chess life. I had an autographed copy of your sister's chess life cover on my wall for like 4 years in college (the black and white one that came out shortly after her winning the women's title i think).

/end stalker rant.

I think a lot of people don't realize:
how god awful durr is at chess.
how great curtains actually is (even though he is rusty).
how hard it is for someone at durr's level to even get to the 1200-1400 level (for most people).
how much the clock plays a role in the odds making. ie, greg might be even money against a 1300 down a knight at G60, but a huge favorite at 5 minute blitz chess, and a dead lock at 1 minute chess over the internet.

i don't know if greg has experience at 1 minute time controls, but if he has the mousing skills, i bet he could take out some pretty experienced opponents down a rook. however, at tournament time controls, i would probably crush him every game i manage to avoid making a really out of character blunder. I am USCF 1726 (small sample size) fwiw, 1700 (lifetime high of 1992) on fics blitz over 6000+ games.


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EDIT: just logged in, i guess i am down to the 1630's right now... talk about a downswing...

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