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06/29/07 03:48 AM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra


Curtains, I've known a lot of chess players, and one thing I've learned is that some of them have no idea how good a grandmaster is. They haven't a clue about the kind of work that goes into playing at that level.

Apparently that is exactly the nerve I hit. You don't know me from Adam, but you would be very unwise to spot me a rook.

ok but if you were the one who said there would be a differnece between whether you were playing a GM or IM in this bet, then you don't understand really. Honestly the difference between me and a GM in this bet is neglible and I actually think I'll do better than a lot of GM's because it becomes less about chess and more about psychology and predicting how a bad player will play. Given that I play poker and thus have a strong practical feel I feel confident that my results would equal those of maybe 30-50% of GMs in this type of bet. Since your opponents need to make mistakes for you to win, it comes down often to predicting what kind of mistakes your opponents are likely to make. At least I think this is true.

Also the things that GM's understand that I don't understand are hardly going to be applicable in a game against such weak opposition. Hence I have reason to doubt someone's chess understanding if they think that a GM will beat a 1500 in this bet but an IM will only beat a 1300. Its probably only going to be a 50 point difference on average with this specific type of wager.

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