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06/28/07 09:11 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra


Plus, I still gotta say comparing not having a rook to spotting somebody points in 1 on 1 shows such a fundamental misunderstanding of chess and probably basketball as well.

Yeah, people are really drawing the wrong conclusions from Durr's loss.

If you follow the games, then it is obvious that Durr has no idea how to play chess. A competent player should be able to at least draw an IM if they start up a rook.

Again, look at the first five moves of game 1:

1.d4 d5
2.c4 Bf5
3.Nc3 c6
4.Bf4 e6
5.c5 Qa5!!!


The people who think this match shows that an IM can beat a lesser player if he is "only" spotting a rook clearly don't understand how badly Durr played.

He doesn't know how to play chess. When you realize this, his loss is not at all surprising.

Here's a better analogy. Let's say you set up a handicapped boxing match. One participant is a professional featherweight (126 lbs at weigh in) prizefighter, who has to wear 10 oz gloves. His opponent is a relatively untrained 210 pound man who can wear 3 oz. MMA gloves.

Well if the 210 pound man is short, obese, and old, then the lightweight will definitely win within one round. If the 210 pound man is an NFL wide receiver (to take a previous example), then the outcome will be very different.

Giving up a rook is a very big handicap, and it was only a good bet on Raptor's part because Durr is so awful at chess.

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