Chump Change
06/28/07 08:24 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra


Reading through these posts, it's amazing to me how people
can be so unappreciative of experts who have worked for
years to develop their skills. If you've heard of Johnny
Morton, the NFL wide receiver, who tried to fight in the
UFL after training in martial arts for 2 months... He
got knocked out in under 2 minutes.

Imagine if the prop bet was basketball; a chess grandmaster
is the chess equivalent of an NBA player ( or maybe even
all-star ) at the worst. The average "good" chess player,
( ie less than 1700 rating ) would be analogous to a
weekend gym rat who loves basketball.

Would anyone in their right mind bet on the gym rat no
matter HOW good the odds ? ( 10 point handicap to 20,
NBA player can only shoot from 3 point land... etc... )

Probably not... unless the NBA player had to play in
showshoes, or blind-folded, or something utterly

Or imagine the gym rat vs. an NFL player, one-on-one,
a la those old American Gladiator events. How often
did the average Joe beat the Gladiator ???

My point is: non-experts tend to completely trivialize
the skills of experts in their field to their own
detriment; especially in games of skill or athletic

Sorry breaux but this is the worst analogy ever. It's not the NBA player playing with a point handicap, it's him playing without an arm.

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