06/28/07 04:06 PM
Re: Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for ra

Some facts:
I've played countless blitz-games (5 minutes) vs guys who played 1 year, giving a queen or both rooks. Always winning them. Main reason: the time-pressure. So don't think a knight or rook is an awful lot. Sometimes it is, but most players are so weak (compared to an IM) that it hardly matters.

The average club-player will have the worse of it with knight-odds as the IM has great chances for a draw when things go wrong.
I guess players around 2200 FIDE easily beat the IM with knight-odds (it's the level that make IMs sweat in regular games).
But any unschooled player has no chance whatsoever with knight-odds. Whether it's vs 2200 or 2400 also doesn't matter, as long as his opponent is flexible enough to realize he shouldn't play the theoretically best moves but those who offer the best chances.

Btw: curtains would have beaten him blindfold too, seriously. His level would hardly drop.

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