06/28/07 12:11 PM
Re: Durrrr in process of losing 60k in a chess bet.. good month for ra


Totally off topic but has anyone heard about a chess game between A known poker player that i think was Ram Vaswani and a well known Grand Master. The rumor i heard was they bet 100,000 and ram got 10-1. The rest of the rumor was that ram used an ear piece linked to a computer that had not lost ever in simulation. Obviously ram whips the GM and questions about how its possible for a poker player to beat a GM. Well i heard they caught known poker player with the ear piece and found out what happened. Pretty crazy if true. Any real info on if this actually occured and the actual players involved would be great! Again i have no actual knowledge if this is true just a rumor i heard

i smell [censored]

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