(Carpal \'Tunnel)
06/28/07 04:30 AM
Durrr in process of losing 60k+ in a chess bet.. good month for raptor

heres some build up details..

a couple months ago me and durr were talking crap to each other, and he said he could beat a grandmaster at chess if the GM was playing down a knight. i said lolol so we booked 5k. fast forward a couple months, get a few drinks in me at pf changs, and hes SOOO confident, so we end up betting 50k with the GM down a rook.

fast forward a week later, i get curtains to play for me and give him a 10% freeroll. curtains is an international master, so hes pretty solid, and i dont really know any GMs so i went with the easy route cuz i didnt think it would matter much..

anyways, first 5k game where curtains is down a knight, curtains wins decidedly. we used a 45 minute clock on that one. i also booked 4.5 to 1 somewhere in the middle of the match where curtains had a dominating position for 2k more, so up 7k there. durr had random bets in between to other people, so maybe lost 9k total or something.

for the main event, we were supposed to play a single 50k match with curtains down a rook, but durr wanted to decrease variance or something stupid, so we went with a best of 3 match for 55k total. after seeing the first game, i realized durr didnt have much of a chance, and jcmoussa booked 700 at 3.5 to 1 or something silly with me as well.

anyways, first match just finished, with curtains winning fairly solidly again.. durr was in a few manageable positions, but managed to donk it off with some ill timed moves. so.. 1 more win to go. we ended up coinflipping for all of the details, as in which side the rook/knight would be taken away, and which color would be played. so far durr played white first game with curtains down queen side knight, and white for the first game of the main event with curtains down his king side rook. this next game has durr playing white with curtains down his queen side rook.

anyways, this is probably one of the bigger bets done on chess in history. most people realize what their edge is and wont gamble on it, as you know, its a skill game and all. but yea, im having a good month so far with one of my horsies winning a bracelet, and it looks like its about to get better. details to follow soon..

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