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03/25/05 05:08 AM
Re: How many 5 year-olds.....

People keep talking about the need for a cup. And how this will up their numbers. I don't think it matters.

I have seen a small man beat up 8 adult males. Yah I just watched. Why make it 9 hey? When a guy loses it he is unstopable. Hit him in the nuts he does not notice. This cannot be sustained for long however so time is the limit. Unless drugs are used of course. What if we put the kids on drugs?

So the number is based on how nuts you can go. This is a god given gift and cannot be learned. And how long you can keep it up. This is based on drug intake and or motivation.

People also fail to realize how fast a crazy guy could take these kids out. 30 could be done in under 1 min if he can bite and the kids don't work together perfectly.

Anyways I could not take more than 10, if no freaks were in my batch. I just don't get mad even when attacked. It would be hard not to laugh really. But I know guys and gals I would put money on that could take as many as you can fit into the room.

These guys are rare but they were 5 year olds at one time also. And I don't think I could take more than 2 of these sobs when they were 5.

ps When I was 6ish I was chopping wood and almost took off a toe. I'm told I didn't cry. What if the beggars don't feel pain! All that crying could be bs for attention!

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