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06/12/06 06:12 PM
Weight Brag :D 25 down, 5 to go!!!!

Hey all,

I posted a brag about losing weight awhile ago in the hopes that it would keep me motivated to make my weight loss a brag, and not variance.

I'm happy to report that at my fattest I was 200 pounds. I'm now 175 When I was 200 pounds my gf asked me, Jared, what weight would you like to be...I told her I'd feel way better about myself if I was 170 pounds. So....on that day, I started my weight loss journey. 5 POUNDS TO GO

I got a bunch of pm's last time about how I'm doing it...and here are "my secrets." It's 2 step.

Step 1: drink only water (alcohol is ok if you're going out to get drunk) but stay away from juices and pop etc. during the day. Those liquid calories sure add up.

Step 2: It's ok to go out to eat, but just eat less. What I mean by that was last time I went to McDonalds for breakfeast I had 1 egg mcmuffin and 1 hashbrown and a water. 6 months ago I would of had 2 egg mcmuffins, 1 hashbrown, and an orange juice. Also I try to "fill up" on the healthy things in a meal, instead of the "fatty things." For example, say my gf made corn on the cob, steak, mash potatoes and gravy. I would try to fill up on the corn, THEN eat some meat and potatoes.

Hope that helps others. Feel free to post your weight brags and any tips you have for me

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