Jim Kuhn
(Carpal \'Tunnel)
10/20/07 05:09 PM
Re: We haven't won yet: latest (10/19) cliff's notes on AP scandal

Is there a chance these cheaters could be prosecuted in multiple jurisdictions? They cheated players from the United States and several other countries. Could those countries issue arrest warrants for each of those involved?

Could this be construed as wire fraud in the United States? What about money laundering, income tax evasion, etc? It sounds as if most of those involved are citizens of the United States. They seem to be 'jetsetters' and travel all over the world. Should they be watching out for each countries feds at each airport?

I did not see this covered so I am sorry if it was covered and missed it. I think Adanthar and several other posters are attorneys. Thanks in advance for any information you can add.

Thank you,

Jim Kuhn

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