Chino Brown
10/17/07 07:01 AM
Re: Absolute Poker Scandal: An Inside Job



Good pickup.

Alan Pedley spoke immediately before Mr Toneguzzo. In his testimony, he talks about how he is employed by Mr Toneguzzo's company to consult on various bits and pieces.

Mr Pedley spoke about player identification (100-point ID systems) and international issues of regulation and so on.

He did not discuss the issue of technical security in any significant way.

Btw, you quote that he has an "AssDip." That would be an associate diploma, which is a very low level of tertiary qualification - it's the first step up from the formal Australian short-course system (Certificates I, II, III and IV). I imagine that one would be able to obtain an Associate Diploma very easily and without much academic endeavour relative to a degree or something else.

Lol! Thanks for the clarification, but I was really hoping it was his last name I think that is also interesting that he has such a low level certification if he is such an 'expert' in his field...

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