07/08/07 07:15 AM
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity

Hey Steve,

I once read the tour diary you wrote during Big Black, and one thing that kinda stuck with me and made me smile was something you said about the Wipers. Something along the lines of Greg Sage's sound being so simple and yet so mindblowing-ly effective, it made you think twice about any kind of bells and whistles approach. With that example of just brilliance and raw power, and the other extreme of brilliance but with the bells and whistles added of say Sonic Youth, who have gone through their share of effects pedals and other crazy complications to their sound so to speak... this is a longwinded way of asking, but are there any other bands that go for that more complicated approach (without sounding like Sonic Youth), using various pedals or loopers or whatever tech in an effective way (as a live band) that you've been wow'ed by, rather than thought 'what the gay are you doing here'?

Also, due to some other thing you said in regards to some awful NY band I forget the name of, I bought the My Dad Is Dead album 'The Taller You Are..The Shorter You Get'. I have to thank you for that, because I spent a good year listening to it and find something new to love about it almost every time I put it on.

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