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07/08/07 12:33 AM
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity


How is it working with Neurosis? How much work is it recording their often complex song arrangements? Listening to what's going on on most of their records one would assume it's a very time consuming process.

Not particularly. Neurosis are pretty meticulous in having their act together before they come into the studio, and Noah (their keyboard/electronics guy) has a studio where they work on pre-production demos in detail.


3. Can you recommend music in a similar vein to Neurosis? (excluding the obvious candidates such as Isis, Sparowes, Sum, Cult of Luna, etc.)

You may already be familiar with them, but obvious suggestions would be Harvey Milk, Melvins, Pelican, Zeni Geva, Oxbow, Mono, Om, Sunn0))) and Dazzling Killmen. You might also enjoy the power electronics/noise music like Whitehouse, Japanese noise guitarist Keiji Haino, and early material from Swans and Killing Joke.


4. Do you listen to a lot of metal? If you are, what kind of metal are you generally listening to?

My standard answer for this is that I listen to the sort of metal that appeals to non-metal guys like me. The bands mentioned above, Motorhead, High on Fire, and the occasional black metal classic from Burzum, Immortal and the like.

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