(Loaded for bear)
07/07/07 08:54 PM
Re: Ask a music scene micro celebrity


did you ever work with Sonic Youth in any capacity?

In 1982 or so, they couldn't get a gig in Chicago, so I booked them as an independent promoter, and did a couple more gigs for them in the next couple of years. They regularly crashed at my place when in Chicago during the early 80s. My bands have played shows with them over the years, but that's about it. I've never recorded them.


2. Over/under on when CarlosChadha kills himself for being stupid enough to take that $100 bet?

It's a hundred bucks. If it gets annoying, he might just call it quits and pay off -- it's the equivalent of 1.25 BB in his usual game. Not suicide-worthy.


3. How many 5 year olds?

Ha! My favorite prop! I think I could take a couple dozen at least. You kill a couple in front of their friends and they'll run away crying like little kids. Because they're little kids. Five-year-olds run away crying over nothing all the time anyway. I don't think anybody willing to kill a couple of five-year-olds to prove a point would have anything to fear.

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